Motorbike Hugger

Custom motorbike hugger to replace the undersized OEM item.

Fog Lamp Housings

Replacement fog lamp covers for out of production spare part market.

Cake Topper

Custom cake topper for a Greenbay Packers fan.

Headphone Stand

Custom personalised headphone stand.

Gothic Lantern

Custom Christmas Gift.

Battery Adapter

Battery pack adapters for a portable sterilization mister.

Kitchen Sign

Disney inspired sign for local kitchen.

Desk Feet

Desk feet to raise the height to ergonomic requirements.

Car Fairing

Car fairing used as a replacement for a hard-to-find part.


Star-shaped bases for Christmas tree wax melts.

Gazebo Bracket

Bracket replacement for collapsible Gazebo.

Sewing Machine Spindle

Spindle replacement for a sewing machine that is no longer in production.

Vacuum Cover Lock

Fairing lock for a vacuum cleaner that can not be purchased.

Battery Tripod Connector

Custom battery connector to be used as an amateur filming rig.

Action Camera Case

Custom action camera case for standard tripod screw.